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I'm having a weird but annoying problem with IP adress on the IoT Router. I am trying to connect a automate to the internet through the Perenio Router. The problem is that the default plage of the router is with as netmask. But the automate I'm trying to connect has a static IP of I cannot change it, no matter how much I want to.

So I first tried to set the default LAN IP of the router to When I do that, after I click on save, I lose access to the admin interface, and  I can't reconnect to it, even by directly typing in my browser. And when I reboot the router, it just change back to as default IP.

Then I tried changing the submask to in the LAN interface, to include the IP of the automate. When I do that, I also lose access to the router... as long as the sim card is in. The only way to get back the access to the admin interface is to take the sim card out, otherwise I can't do anything. And if I put it back, it stops working again.

My knowledge of IP and submask is flawed, so maybe I'm wrong, but that doesn't seems like a normal behaviour. Could anyone tell me what I am doing wrong, and how to do it properly ?


Serhii (Technical support expe
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Sorry for such a late response.

Unfortunately, at the moment, the problem is not solved. If connected via the GM510 modem, it is possible to configure the LAN to the, but not to, since the modem sits on it. This issue is in the process of being resolved with a new firmware. But there are no release date yet.